♕ Zdravljica in English ♕

We are pleased to announce that the first volume of the book series “Zdravljica” is available in English, too.


Zdravljica is the first Italian book series on Slovene wine cellars.

This word means “toast”, and it also is the title of one of the most famous Slovene poem, some verse of which became the lyrics of Slovene national anthem.

We chose to give our guides this name in order to suggest this young nation has a long-time oenological tradition, despite it’s not so well-known.

In this country – so close to western Europe and still so mysterious and little-known – grapes with outstanding potentialities are grown since ever.

Recently, local winemakers became able to nurture their talent and they are now capable of producing excellent wines.

This book series of guides to Slovene wine cellars aims at making it easier to discover these small producers, by giving essential-but-complete information on each winery and the place in which it is based, to help the reader gain knowledge on these astonishing land and culture.

Volume 1

Brda and Vipava Valley.

Published on August 1st 2014, updated May 2014.


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