Sparkling Wine Fair in Ljubljana on St. Valentine’s eve

Let’s make a toast to the new year!

Ok, it’s a little late, but any excuse will do to make a toast, and here’s a very good one:



On February the 13h, the second Sparling Wine Fair is going to take place in Ljubljana.

Festival’s location will be – as it was on November the 20th 2014 for the 17h Slovenian Wine Festival – the Union Grand Hotel, in the heart of the Slovenian Capital Town.

Ljubljana is a charming town and the date is great for a short romantic trip. An elegant toast with the most outstanding sparkling wines of Slovenia and abroad will be the perfect cherry on the cake.

Check this previous post of ours to read how to get there, and check back this blog soon for more information about this event and some tourist suggestions (or click on the bar above and get all updates free).


Oh, and did we mention we’ll be there?
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