Ljubljana 2015 Sparkling Wine Fair: an interview to organisers

The Second Sparkling Wine Festival is taking place in Ljubljana on February 13th

Next Friday, the 13th of February, the Second Sparkling Wine Fair is going to take place at the Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana.

We interviewed Nina Levičnik, public relations and corporate identity manager at Salon penečih vin, to let our readers know a little more about this intresting event.

Here’s what we asked her.


Please introduce yourself to our readers: what’s your personal history in the wine field?

“After years of a successful organization of the biggest and most prestige wine event in Slovenia and close neighborhood – Slovenian Wine Festival – as well as other events, a company Poslovno svetovanje, Radomir Stojanovič s.p. was established in 2007. Our aim is to raise the drinking culture of quality wines and promote wines, wine producers, culinary delights and culture and make Slovenian products and culture more widely known at home as well as abroad.

Our team consists of highly motivated and very experienced members who have been dedicating their time and energy to gain additional knowledge and experience in the field of Slovenian wines, culinary delights, culture and customs for years. Many years of growth of the Slovenian Wine Festival and its position of the leading Slovenian wine event proves our competences for organization of similar events, as well as our motivation to fulfill the company’s vision.”


When and why did you have the idea to organize events focused on Slovenian wines and how did you come to do it?

“This year we are celebrating the 18th anniversary of the Slovenian wine festival. So, the idea is almost 20 years old. The 1st Wine festival happened with only few winemakers and as an enrichment of an IT fair. Since than we didn’t stop and are have every year more interesting ideas in organizing wine and culinary events.”


A toast at Sparkling Wine festival in Ljubljana


Which is the hardest difficult to organize such events?

“To motivate the exhibitors to join us again and again, to inform public in the right and sufficient way (especially when new events, like Salon of sparkling wine, are being prepared) and to realize all new ideas that are constantly born during team brain storming.”


… and the best part is…?

… to see pleased exhibitors and happy visitors.
And at the end of the day to toast with a glass of wine with members of my team on another successful event.


This is the second time the Festival of Sparkling Wine is going to take place: what’s so special with it, why should we come?

“The second edition of Salon of sparkling wines will also this year take place, in the hall with dimensions and prestige that responds to the luxurity of sparkling wines. At one of the most beautiful locations in the capital, in the great hall of the Grand Hotel Union, the selected Slovenian and foreign sparkling wines will be offered. Sparkling wines are repeatedly busting the cliché of being wines for only special occasions, celebrations and are becoming increasingly popular in ones everyday life, as well as wines that can accompany excellent cuisine.

Therefore, we will not only offer the sparkling wines, which will be presented at Salon of sparkling wines but we’ll upgrade them in line with trends – with exquisite cuisine of GH Union. For the cherry on the cake magical atmosphere that will happen only night before St. Valentine’s Day, we will also take care of carefully selected music that will hopefully make you joining the dance floor.”


Sparkling wine tasting at the dedicated festival in Ljubljana





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